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Cookie Policy

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Cookie Policy

When you visit our website, certain cookies or other tracking technologies may be placed on your device

(computer, tablet, or mobile phone). This Cookie Policy provides details on the types of cookies used by Ardeotis Digital Solutions on, their purposes, and options for managing your cookie preferences.

This Cookie Policy should be read together with the Privacy Policy

What Do We Mean by “Cookies” and “Other Trackers”?

When you browse a website, small files called cookies are generated and installed on your internet browser. These cookies contain data and are used to track your activity on the website. Additionally, other tracking technologies like trackers, pixels, and invisible gifs function in a similar manner to cookies.

Both cookies and other trackers are utilized to collect information about your website usage, enabling us (via first-party cookies) and third parties (via third-party cookies) to improve website functionality and enhance your browsing experience. Some cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted from your device when you close your browser (session cookies), while others are persistent and remain on your device for a specified period, activating each time you visit the corresponding website.


What Type of Cookies Do We Use and for What Purposes?

During your visit to our website, we employ the following types of cookies:

1.      Essential cookies
These cookies are indispensable for the specific functions and services offered on our website. They enable the basic features of our website, such as remembering your cookie preferences. Disabling these cookies may result in the loss of these essential functionalities and may impact the overall performance of the website.

2.      Performance cookies
These cookies are utilized to gather anonymous data for statistical analysis. They enable us to assess the website's audience and analyse visitor behaviour, including metrics such as the number of website visitors, page visits, duration spent on each page, click locations, and effectiveness of advertisements.

Furthermore, these cookies assist in identifying browser-related issues and other potential challenges. By utilizing these cookies, we can enhance both our website's performance and your overall browsing experience.  

3.      Customization or functionality cookies
These cookies are employed to retain your selections, preferences, and settings on the website, including passwords, language preferences, region, time zone, customization choices, and more. As a result, they deliver a personalized browsing experience by adapting the website's content to suit your specific needs.

If you decline these cookies, certain functionalities may no longer be available, and some website pages may not function properly.

4. Third-party cookies
In certain instances, we rely on third-party entities to manage our cookies. These third parties may employ their own cookies or tracking technologies to gather information about your activities on the website. This may include providing you with personalized advertisements on their own platforms.

Additionally, your device may have cookies from social networks installed to facilitate interaction on those platforms, such as Facebook or X "Twitter". It's important to note that we are not involved in the installation or operation of these third-party cookies, and we do not have access to or control over them. These cookies are governed by the respective cookie policies of the third-party websites, which we encourage you to review.

Please refer to the cookie policies of these third-party publishers for details on how they utilize cookies and other tracking technologies. It's worth noting that if you accept their cookies, your personal data may be processed by external data controllers. 



Upon your initial visit to our website, you will be prompted to either accept or decline the use of cookies. If you choose not to have these cookies installed or read on your device, a cookie will be placed on your device to record your objection to the use of cookies.

Likewise, when you give your consent for the use of cookies, a consent cookie will be installed on your device. Please note that recognizing your decision to decline cookie installation requires the presence of a cookie. Therefore, if you disable all cookies on your device or switch to a different device, we will no longer be aware of your chosen preference.

Your Cookie Choices

You have various options to control or restrict the installation and usage of cookies by us or third parties:
• You can opt to delete all or specific cookies from your device by adjusting your browser settings.
• You can choose to prevent the installation of cookies on your device by modifying your browsing preferences.

To learn more about managing or deleting cookies from your specific browser, please refer to the following links:

Please be aware that if you decide to block or disable all or certain cookies used by our website, it may result in impaired functionality, and you may not be able to fully utilize all the services and features that rely on cookies. For further information on cookies and how to manage them, we recommend visiting the following websites: and

How to Contact Us

If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding our cookie policy and the usage of cookies and other tracking technologies by Ardeotis

Digital Solutions, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Ardeotis Limited

Public Relations Department

128 City Road, London,

EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

Ardeotis Digital Solutions

Public Relations Department

Street 2, Almis Village,

Hargeisa, Somaliland

Please note that our Cookie Policy is subject to change. Any modifications to the Cookie Policy will be posted on this page to provide notice to our users. Previous versions of the Cookie Policy will be overwritten by the most recent version.

Last Updated: December 2023
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